Transforming steel wire and applying coatings is Bekaert’s core business. The combination of the two core competences results in a broad range of products for many sectors and industries. Metal Fiber Media can transform your filtration solution into a robust high-efficiency product that will keep your system clean.


Porvair is a specialist filtration and environmental technology group with three operating divisions: Aerospace & Industrial, Laboratory, and Metal Melt Quality. We have operations in the UK, US, Netherlands, Germany, and China. We focus on specialist filtration markets which have long-term growth potential of which aerospace, energy and industrial process, laboratory supplies, and metal melt quality are the most important.


The concept of analysing an oil sample from a machine or component is identical to that of taking a blood sample from a person — the results determine the health status of the unit. WearCheck’s experienced diagnostic team then recommends how to rectify any abnormal findings. WearCheck’s programme analyses for wear, contamination levels, and oil condition in any oil-wetted compartment or oil filter found in equipment ranging from earthmoving units, transport fleets and processing plants to ships and aircraft.





HEICO Corporation is a rapidly growing aerospace and electronics company focused on niche markets and cost-saving solutions for its customers. HEICO’s products are found in the most demanding applications requiring high-reliability parts and components, such as aircraft, spacecraft, defense equipment, medical equipment, and telecommunications systems.

Avyon Parts

Avyon Parts is dedicated to providing products to support you and your customers’ needs. Our friendly and experienced staff will help you find what parts you are looking for. Our competitive prices and fast service will give you the best value for your money. From sealed beam lamps to batteries and BTUs, we’ve got you covered. Just let us handle all your spare parts needs.

SSi (Sky Source Inc.)

SSi (Sky Source, Inc.) is committed to total quality and that is reflected in our internal procedures. We have a stringent quality program that is ASA (Aircraft Suppliers Association) certified. Our quality system and quality manual meets and exceed all FAA and industry standard and requirement (AC 00-56A and TAC-2000 Standard). Our customers are able to reduce inventory and turn time cost by partnering with SSi and Xpress Line. We can deliver products and services to our customers within hours.