Application: Carbon Block

Global Part No.: CA3044

Alternate Part No.: A3044

Eligibility: Beech (Raytheon) (A100 S/N B-1, B-90 and after except B-93, 200, 200T, 200C, 200CT, B200 S/N BB-734, BB-793, BB-829, BB-854 thru BB-870, BB-874 thru BB-891, BB-894 thru BB-911, BB-913, BB-1430, BB-1440, BB-1443, A90 S/N LJ-114 thru LJ-317, B90 S/N LJ-318 thru LJ-501, C90 & C90A S/N LJ-502 and after, E90 S/N LW-1 thru LW-347, F90 S/N LA-2 and after, 100 S/N B-2 thru B-89 and B-93, B200T S/N BT-23 thru BT-34, B200C S/N BL-37 thru BL-138, B200CT S/N BN-2 thru BN-4, 99, 99A, A99A, B99, C99, 300 & 300LW S/N FA-1 and after, B300 S/N FL-1 and after, B300C S/N FM-1 and after, 1900 S/N UA-1 and after, 1900C S/N UB-1 and after, 1900C S/N UC-1 and after, 1900D S/N UE-1 and after)

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Weight 0.34 lbs
Dimensions 1.375 × 0.5 × 0.5 in