The best commercial parts washing system isn’t necessarily the costliest to operate. Only Clarus cleaning stations and parts washers offer ultimate quality, create the least waste, and save you the most in daily operating costs.

If that sounds too good to be true, consider the Clarus Technologies intelligent design. Its one-of-a-kind cone-shaped tank and patent pending “Tortuous Path” baffle system ensure cleaner solvent and consistent flow rates. This parts washing system uses half the solvent of similar sized parts washers and frees you from pricey service contracts. You’ll never have to dump solvent again!

What’s more, Clarus parts washers are overbuilt by design – with robust steel construction, oven-baked powder coatings, generous stainless steel work surfaces, and all stainless fasteners. Smart features like ergonomic brushes, an on-board sludge pump and inboard filters provide ultimate dependability. The Clarus solution applies equally well to military weapons applications, with the specialized WCS-25 Weapons Cleaning Station.

Go ahead and compare. You’ll find CT’s PCS-25 Parts Washer lets you clean parts faster and easier even as you save money and reduce waste.

Baffle System

The patent pending Tortuous Path baffle system uses gravity and a slow moving fluid path to let contaminants and sludge settle out of the solvent. Fluid has to move first down through the inner baffle and then up through the outer baffle before it is returned to the tank. The pump is always pulling the cleanest solvent from the top of the tank, and filtering it to deliver consistent, clean solvent flow. Optional stainless steel tank assembly available for use with aqueous based cleaners.

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If you’d like to purchase the PCS-25, give us a call today (toll free) at 800-980-2525.

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